About Us

TheWorldSMP is a survival multiplayer server hosted by Fadehost. It is for content creators on YouTube and Twitch who produce mainly Minecraft based content for their audiences. This server was created to form a group in which all content creators can interact, make friends, branch out and grow their audiences.

TheWorldSMP was originally started by RaineMan11 on December 8th of 2014. It lasted two years before RaineMan11 decided to close the server and take a one year break. During this one year break, he went to college, made new friends, and branched out in academic fields. RaineMan11 is going into his sophmore year of college where he is majoring in Sociology with a minor in conflict resolution in philosophy. With his busy schedule and academics, he still makes time to give back to the community he once left and make something great.

TheWorldSMP is in its sixth season titled "Re6irth" in which 12 new faces join in with some old WorldSMP members to get back to their roots in Survival Minecraft. This amazing 18GB server is hosted by Fadehost who has been a loyal supporter of RaineMan11 and TheWorldSMP since day one. All of the art is provided by KaylahDraws who has always done amazing work for TheWorldSMP. We hope you enjoy the content we produce!